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Before we opened our retail store 16 years ago, we were known as Hawaiian Instrument Designs, Inc. Our first product was the Braddah mahogany soprano, which sold extremely well and is still sought out  by collectors and players worldwide. The Mele mahogany soprano is exactly the same instrument, except for a few improvements in sound, playability and esthetics.

We built it from the blueprints for a Martin soprano uke (the original Pennsylvania Martin, not today’s Mexican-made version) and used the same mahogany body and ebony fretboard, but added the ebony binding and the lovely inlay work. We also improved the bridge and attached it more securely so that we could offer a lifetime warranty with confidence.

This is a professional-quality ENTIRELY HANDMADE musical instrument, set up for great intonation and ease of play by a master luthier, at a price lower than many of the mass-produced imported ukes seen in music stores today (which usually come right off the assembly line with no setup whatsoever.)

It will deliver satisfaction and sweet music for generations to come.

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