Mele Mango Guitarlele


The Mele Guitarlele could also be considered a half-sized guitar. Even smaller and less expensive than the Mele Travel Guitar, it’s basically a baritone ukulele with the neck widened enough to add a low “E” and “A” string; thus it has 6 strings in regular “E” guitar tuning. An excellent travel companion for the classical guitarist; or any guitarist, for that matter! Fits nicely into a baritone ukulele case, which fits into the overhead compartment on all commercial airliners, so the baggage handlers don’t get a chance to destroy it.
The Mele Mango Guitarlele has many different looks from your standard, non-curly,non-glossy versions starting at $849 . This photo features a Mele Curly, Glossy Guitarlele priced at $999.

Product Description

Here is our Mango Beautiful Mango ukulele! Featured in this photo is a “Glossy model” sold for $1049

Additional Information

Weight 7.5 lbs


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