Mele Redwood Top Koa Back & Sides Cut Away Tenor 4 String


SKU: mele-redwood-top-koa-back-sides-cut-away-tenor-4-string-493


When a customer walks into our retail store and asks to play the “best-sounding ukulele in the store”, I almost always hand them one of our redwood/koa models, and they almost invariably agree. Redwood is not a hardwood, and it does scratch more easily than most tonewoods, but it has the most warmth, depth, and resonance of any of them coupled with a crystalline sweetness in the highs that almost rivals koa.

This redwood-top tenor has a cutaway for easy access to every fret, but also for a very cool, professional look and feel. It has koa back and sides, a hand-carved mahogany neck with steel reinforcing rod, and ebony binding, bridge and fingerboard. It also has our proprietary deigned-for-the-ukulele Mele die-cast nickel-plated 18 to 1 geared tuners, for extremely easy, precise and stable tuning.

I honestly don’t believe you can get a better-sounding, nicer, more reliable brand-new handmade solid wood ukulele for less than twice the price of this one ANYWHERE!


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