Hula Ukes “Slimline” Travel Tenor w/Solid Spruce Top


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Due to the huge popularity of the half-thickness ukuleles offered by several makers, we decided to produce some Mele “slimline” travel ukuleles. We were amazed at how great they sounded, and we’ve been selling a lot of them in the $600 to $1200 price range. We thought we’d offer a version for people on tighter budgets, and one result is this Hula Ukes “slimline” travel tenor. It sounds almost as big and warm as the full-thickness version, since it has the same solid spruce top, and it sounds absolutely HUGE compared to all other travel ukes we’ve ever tried!

There is nothing that compares in this under-$200 price range. An unbeatable-sounding instrument that plays easily and in-tune all the way up the 19-fret neck, A lot of musicians who travel are going to find it indispensable!Â


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