Maui Ukulele Co. Zebra Wood “Pocket” or “Mini” Soprano


Say hello to the smallest in the ukulele family! Played on a sopranissimo scale, this lil’ baby has 12 frets. Adorable and compact, this ukulele has surprising warmth and volume for such a little body. It helps that it is entirely constructed of solid wood as well. 

 Maui Ukulele Co. is our lower-priced line of imported ukuleles which are mass-produced to the highest standards of aesthetics and play-ability. Our Maui Ukulele Co. models, such as this one , are constructed from a unique looking Zebra wood,then individually set up for tone, ease of play and intonation by Mike Rock and his crew of professional luthiers here on Maui.

As a result, you can have one that good and plays and sounds

awesome! Insider tip- try tuning it a half step down. It gives it a bit more depth!

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


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