Mele Double-Hole Koa Tenor 6 String(temporarily out of stock)


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Identical in every way to our traditional-style koa tenor 6, except for the epaulet soundholes. (“Double-puka” soundboard design makes it slightly louder, more unique-looking.) Entirely handmade professional-quality instrument at a fraction of the price of any other brand-new handmade solid Koa tenor 6 we’ve seen anywhere.

26″ long, 19 hand-set, leveled and crowned nickel frets. Grover precision-geared nickel-plated die-cast tuners. Ebony fingerboard, nut, bridge and binding, Corian saddle.

The tenor ukulele is the size you’ll see most professional ukulele players use, whether at a luau or in the recording studio. It has a bigger, fuller tone and more range than soprano or concert-sized ukes. The 6-string has become more and more popular since the first ones came out in the late 60’s because of its full sound (2 of its 4 strings are doubled, the C and the A) and because it’s just as easy to play as a 4-string.

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