Mele Mahogany Cutaway Jumbo Tenor 8-string ukulele


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Here’s one of our newer models: the Jumbo (Extended) Tenor, which has a 19″ scale, as opposed to 17″ on our regular sized tenors. This model is almost exactly the same size as a vintage Kamaka baritone, and it can be strung with baritone strings in a DGgBEE tuning, so we sometimes describe it as a 19″ baritone. (Our regular baritone ukes have a 20″ scale and a slightly larger body).

This particular 8-string model is all solid mahogany back, sides and neck, with an ebony fingerboard, bridge and binding. Like all Meles, it is entirely handmade, and painstakingly set up for great action and intonation. The 8 strings are tuned to GgCcEEAA, and the fingerings are exactly the same as on a 4-string. It just provides a richer, fuller sound because of the doubled strings. (2 in octaves, two in unison, much like a 12-string guitar.) A lot of professional players choose the Jumbo size because of its fat sound and great sustain. It is also a perfect instrument for those with very large hands.

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