Mele Mahogany 4-String Jumbo Tenor


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BRAND NEW! The Mele Jumbo Tenor ukulele is our latest model, conceived to provide most of the benefits of both the tenor and baritone ukulele. Many of the finest professional ukulele players use a baritone or a special custom-built oversized tenor in a low-G (GCEA) tenor tuning.

Others, like Lyle Ritz, use a tenor tuned to baritone pitch. (DGBE) Here is a specially designed instrument with a 19″ scale length. (Mele tenors are 17″ and our baritones just over 20″.) It can be strung as a tenor OR a bari, and sounds fantastic either way! The oversized tenor body provides a bigger, warmer tone than any tenor we’ve heard, and the longer scale makes for great punch and spot-on intonation.

This uke is built with the serious professional in mind,with an extra-strong steel-reinforced neck, a uniquely-shaped headstock with 18-to-1 super-smooth geared tuners, and the option of installing a Fishman or other top-quality guitar-sized under-saddle transducer for the best amplified sound available. The cutaway provides easy access to the uppermost frets and gives the instrument a very distinctive, professional appearance.

This model is entirely handmade from solid mahogany, just like our most popular tenor and baritone models, and offers an incredibly warm, rich, powerful tone quality combined with the strength and stability that are the great virtues of mahogany, and the reason we use mahogany for the hand-carved necks of all our Mele ukuleles. Hilo Strings has come up with a special set of strings (the Extended Tenor set) for this ukulele. We keep them in stock. For baritone tuning, use any good set of baritone ukulele strings. (We carry those, also.)

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