Mele Mango Jumbo Tenor


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The Mele Jumbo Tenor ukulele is  conceived to provide most of the benefits of both the tenor and baritone ukulele. Many of the finest professional ukulele players we know use a baritone or a special custom-built oversized tenor in a low-G (GCEA) tenor tuning. Others, like Lyle Ritz, use a tenor tuned to baritone pitch. (DGBE) Here is a specially designed instrument with a 19″ scale length. (Mele tenors are 17″ and our baritones just over 20″.) It can be strung as a tenor OR a bari, and sounds fantastic either way! The oversized tenor body provides a bigger, warmer tone than any tenor we’ve heard, and the longer scale makes for great punch and spot-on intonation.

This spalted mango Mele  4-string jumbo tenor  ukulele is an extremely popular model, for good reason; It looks AND sounds beautiful! Top, back and sides are cut from genuine SOLID hawaii mango  wood.


Additional information

Weight 40.5 lbs
Electrify It !

Add MiSi pick up $199, none $0

protect it !

Hard case $120, gig bag $45, none


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