Mele Spalted Mango Guitarlele Cutaway



The Mele Guitarlele could also be considered a half-sized guitar. Even smaller and less expensive than the Mele Travel Guitar, it’s basically a baritone ukulele with the neck widened enough to add a low “E” and “A” string; thus it has 6 strings in regular “E” guitar tuning. An excellent travel companion for the classical guitarist; or any guitarist, for that matter! Fits nicely into a baritone ukulele case, which fits into the overhead compartment on all commercial airliners, so the baggage handlers don’t get a chance to destroy it.
The Mele Mango Guitarlele has many different looks, fr0m the basic, non-curly,  non-glossy versions starting at $849, on upwards.  This particular Mango Guitarlele  is a cutaway model ,  with a rosette around the sound hole . .It  has a very unique spalted pattern as well as an ebony fretboard .

Mele guitarleles have become the best-known and most sought in the industry, both because of their entirely handmade construction and their very reasonable prices, as well as the fact that they are tuned EADGBE (standard guitar tuning).

The body is the exact size and shape of a Mele (or a Martin) baritone ukulele, but of course the neck is slightly wider to make room for 6 strings. The guitarlele can be carried or stored in a baritone ukulele case, but the added E and A strings add almost a full octave of bass below the “D” string. You’ll be amazed at all the things you can do with 2 additional bass strings.
Each Guitarlele wood grain/ pattern is different . This may not be the exact guitarlele you receive.  We will send photos of current models in stock upon request.

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Electrify it !

Add MiSi Pick up $199, No Pick up $0

Protect it !

Hardcase $120, Gigbag $45, None $0


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