Care & Feeding

Care & Feeding of Your Mele Ukulele

Your Mele Ukulele is a handmade solid wood instrument, just like guitars, violins and other fine stringed instruments costing many thousands! Sometimes our customers don’t realize that such instruments should be kept humidified. Please keep your Mele in its case when it’s not being played, and use a humidifier (we offer some inexpensive ones for sale) if you live in a very dry climate or heat your home. Aside from this, upkeep is very simple; wipe with a soft cloth occasionally, and slightly loosen the strings when traveling. Enjoy!


There are some videos on the Taylor Guitars website that are very informative. To view them, go to, click on “Owner Resources”, scroll down to “Sometimes a Guitar gets Thirsty”, and you can click on the titles of the videos. Currently, they are: Humidity – The Symptoms, | Using a Guitar Humidifier, Video: Humidity – The Solution, Part 1 | Part 2. You can also click on them right here on our page to watch them on YouTube.

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