Mele Ukulele Limited Edition Models

Mele Ukulele has achieved acclaim and reknown with our line of handmade ukuleles, very popular among players from beginners to professionals. They are great-looking and great-sounding and sell at  very reasonable prices compared to other high-quality instruments. In addition,we occasionally produce a special run of “limited edition” ukuleles with special features such as slotted pegheads, glossy finishes, special woods such as spalted mango or super-curly koa, offset dot markers, hand-inlaid abalone shell borders and other features that make them stand out among our regular offerings.  As the name implies, we build these limited editions in small quantities and only stock a few at a time. Prices are somewhat higher than our regular line of handmade models, but the special nature of these instruments more than justifies the additional cost. They are all great-sounding, and offer a special visual appeal as well.We invite you to consider our limited edition models when shopping for an ukulele, as they have much to offer in style, quality, tone and uniqueness.

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