Mele in Wailea!

AnnouncementMele2-1We opened a new location on November 1st, 2014.

Check out our store listing at The Shops at Wailea!

A new arrival at The Shops at Wailea, Mele Ukulele is not new to Maui. They have been in business, building professional-quality ukuleles for over 22 years, and their original retail store location has been at the same spot in Wailuku for over 18 years. Without a doubt, they have become the most established manufacturer of ukuleles on Maui, by focusing exclusively on the ukulele and striving to offer the best possible quality at very reasonable prices! Just about any local islander will tell you that Mele is the best place to buy a uke, as will Maui Time Magazine,Yelp!, and concierges all over.

Mele ukuleles have become famous worldwide. From luau shows in Tokyo, to hula performances in Germany and Switzerland, to Warren Buffett’s shareholder meetings here in the USA, you will see Mele ukes doing the job for which they are designed, which is to look good, sound great, and be easy and richly rewarding to play. (Warren plays a Mele, as does Oprah, John Fogerty, Sammy Hagar, Steve Miller, Colin Hay, Henry Kapono, Uluwehi Guerrero, Arlie-Avery Asiu (Maui) ,  Mick Fleetwood, HAPA, and a surprising number of the world’s most famous people!

Because of their new Wailea location, they have expanded the inventory and added the fine Kanilea brand of ukuleles from Oahu. In the near future, Mele Ukulele will be carrying other Hawaiian brands. Stay tuned here, and to their Facebook page for new developments. And make sure to check out their

So, visit Mele Ukulele and discover what the ukulele craze is all about. Chat with their delightful staff, try out wonderful instruments, and join in the fun; which is really what playing the “uke” is all about. It’s a known fact that ukulele players are happier and more relaxed than the general population: find out “why” at Mele Ukulele at the Shops at Wailea, upper level (next to Tommy Bahama).

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