Ukulele Accessories

We offer just about everything for the well-equipped ukulele player: Cases, uke stands, cords, amps, straps, uke hangers, nylon, felt and rubber ukulele picks, you name it! Don’t see what you need? Call us at (808)244-3938 and we’ll find it for you.

We store offers the finest in ukulele accessories, chosen over our 20-odd years in the business to be the most useful, at the best prices, and of the best quality, for our customers.

Take our Echoes of Aloha Ukulele strings, for example. These are custom made to our specifications by DʻAddario, and you canʻt get them anywhere else (although we do fill quantity and wholesale orders.) They are black Dupont Tynex, for strength, durabilty and resistance to degradation by sunlight, and they are rectified; an extra step in production which ensures uniform thickness for best intonation and sustain. These are the only rectified ukulele strings on the market. These are absolutely the best, and at reasonable prices!

We carry the best sounding professional ukulele pickups in the business, the MiSi pickup systems, which not only sound more clean, clear, powerful and natural than any others in the business but are powered by super capacitors, rechargeable in 1 or 2 minutes, with none of the disadvantages of batteries (leakage, failure, toxicity and cost.) Stop putting those expensive batteries in the landfill!

We have the best souvenirs of Maui for any musician, including Mele T-shirts in many sizes and colors, some really nice souvenir guitar and ukulele picks with our logo or “Maui” imprinted, and stickers. Also ukulele straps, tuners, tuning machines (gear heads), humidifiers, books, CDs, DVDs, and everything for the well-equipped ukulele player.

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