Maui Ukulele Co. – Koa Concert



 Maui Ukulele Co. Koa (laminate) concert Ukulele; (non glossy)
Mele Ukulele has carried reasonably priced laminated-wood ukuleles for many years. These are made with thin layers of beautiful tonewoods for the look of a much more expensive instrument. The technology of laminates has been steadily progressing since they were first developed, but today much research and development work is focusing on the acoustic properties of laminates intended for musical instruments, resulting in better and better tone quality.
The result is laminated wood instruments which sound closer and closer to the solid wood variety, and look and feel far more expensive than they actually are. The Maui Ukulele Co. concert ukulele is an example of of an instrument which looks, feels, and even sounds surprisingly similar to a handmade koa instrument which might sell for ten times the price, complete with distinctive touches such as blonde composite binding material and colorful shell inlay. While most of the greatest ukulele players play handmade solid-wood instruments, hereʻs a model for the many of us that arenʻt quite there yet, but still want great looks, feel and tone.

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Weight 25 lbs


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