Mele All Koa Pineapple Concert


Each ukulele Koa wood grain and look are different . Please contact us for photos of others in stock.

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One of the coolest things about this solid koa handmade concert-sized ukulele is that it sounds like a tenor uke (the next larger size) by virtue of its body shape, which provides more volume and surface area than a regularly shaped concert, yet costs the same!

The earliest pineapple-shaped ukuleles (ca. 1920’s) were painted to look like a pineapple, as a tourist souvenir, but the shape caught on, and continues popular to this day even without the paint job. (especially in Japan!)

This is the lowest-priced brand-new handmade solid koa concert-sized ukulele on the market. yet it outperforms models costing many times its price in every area, including tone, intonation, playability, reliability, parts quality and detail work. You will never regret buying a Mele, as performers, entertainers and celebrities all over the world can happily inform you. (See the Mele Lifetime Warranty terms elsewhere on this website.)

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Weight 25 lbs
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Gig Bag $45, Hardcase | $90, None $0

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Mi-Si Pick Up $249, None $0


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