Mele All Koa Soprano (Only Pineapple and Shell Available)



Our koa soprano is now bigger and badder! The body has been widened (by 3/4″) and deepened, and the soundhole slightly enlarged, to give it a richer, fuller tone. Because the body is slightly heavier, we’ve also been able to upgrade to the Waverly-style geared tuners (the same ones we use on our $1000 models!) without making it neck-heavy. You’ll be blown away!

It sounds awesome, plays great, holds its tune better than ever- and at this special sale price, it actually costs less than the older, smaller Mele Koa Standard (now discontinued) which had friction pegs, rather than these lovely geared tuners.


***Please note*** Due to the handmade nature of our instruments and the natural variations in wood grains, ukuleles may not be identical to the one pictured.




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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Protect It !

Grey Gig Bag $35, Hardcase $80, None $0


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