Mele Mahogany Baritone/Extended tenor-4 string Ukulele


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Mele’s new Baritone/Extended Tenor ukulele is rapidly becoming one of our most popular models! It’s got a 19″ scale, like a Kamaka baritone, in contrast to the original Mele baritone which is almost an exact replica of a Martin bari and has a 20″ scale.

The double soundholes impart slightly more volume and “punch” compared to the traditional design, and the cutaway makes for improved access to the upper frets, as well as a very cool, professional look.

This model is also listed as our “Jumbo” tenor. It’s a great choice for all sorts of players because it sounds so awesome and plays so beautifully tuned to DGBE baritone tuning, but with our “extended tenor” string set, makes an incredibly great sounding GCEA- tuned tenor uke as well.

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Weight 7.5 lbs


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