Mele Mahogany Double Hole Tenor 4 String


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Maui’s world-reknowned master luthier, Steve Grimes, came up with the double-hole design for some guitars he built for slack-key master Keola Beamer. He graciously permitted us to use it in our ukulele building, and it’s become a signature Mele feature. Because of the improved volume it provides, it’s become quite popular, and other builders are beginning to copy it.

The Mele double-hole mahogany tenor ukulele is identical in size, shape, price and materials to our single-hole tenor-sized mahogany Mele, except for the soundboard design. It is 26″ long and has 19 frets. It is entirely hand-made out of solid mahogany and ebony woods. Any musician who likes a unique look and great tone will love this uke.

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Weight 30 lbs
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Gig Bag $55, Gig Bag with Design $65, Hard Case $100, None $0


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