Mele Mango Baritone 4 String


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Mango trees grow all over Hawaii, and their wood has been used to build some legendary ukuleles. The wood is hard, though, has a high sugar content, and many people are allergic to the sap when it’s not completely dry. So, mango wood ukuleles, especially handmade ones, are few and far between.
For years, people have been asking us to build mango wood ukes, both for the unique looks and great sound that they offer. Finally, this year, we are introducing a whole line of mango ukuleles.
This one is a 4-string baritone with a particularly gorgeous top that we have buffed up to a high gloss so it can be fully appreciated. The tone is deep, rich and full with some very sweet, crystalline overtones, sounding similar to koa wood but with a unique character all its own.
Neck is hand-carved of mahogany. Bridge, binding and fingerboard are of ebony, with MOP dot markers. Mele’s finest geared tuners make for precise, stable tuning. For the first time ever, you can own a unique, awesome, hand-made mango wood uke without going bankrupt!

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Electrify it !

Add MiSi Pick up $249, No Pick up

Protect it !

Hardcase $120, Gigbag $75, None $0


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